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Office News

Thank you, Faye!

Faye O'Neal, a dental hygienist for Lucas and Thomas Family Dentistry, Inc., was thanked and honored at a special office luncheon on Wednesday, August 26, 2015. Faye has served our practice superbly and faithfully for over thirty-nine years. As a token of appreciation and love, Drs. George Thomas and Jason Lucas presented her a beautiful gold bracelet.

Faye continues to work in our practice and we look forward to her wonderful service for many years to come.

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Our Happy Winners:

November 2018 Bleaching Winner
November 2018 - Natalie Jacobs

September 2018 Bleaching Winner
September 2018 - Merrick Murphy

August 2018 Bleaching Winner
August 2018 - Joy Williams

July 2018 Bleaching Winner
July 2018 - Thad Harkleroad

June 2018 Bleaching Winner
June 2018 - Ellen Thornton

May 2018 Bleaching Winner
May 2018 - Eric Sapp

April 2018 Bleaching Winner
April 2018 - Carolyn Carter

March 2018 Bleaching Winner
March 2018 - Benjy Harris

February 2018 Bleaching Winner
February 2018 - Jenna Corley

January 2018 Bleaching Winner
January 2018 - Rebecca Hinnant

December 2017 Bleaching Winner
December 2017 - Joyce Jacobs

November 2017 Bleaching Winner
November 2017 - Jennifer Cox

October 2017 Bleaching Winner
October 2017 - Flo Crews

September 2017 Bleaching Winner
September 2017 - Lori Pearson

July 2017 Bleaching Winner
July 2017 - John Blalock

June 2017 Bleaching Winner
June 2017 - Yvonda Dyson

May 2017 Bleaching Winner
May 2017 - Mary Beth Blackburn

April 2017 Bleaching Winner
April 2017 - Amanda Meeks

February 2017 Bleaching Winner
February 2017 - Phillip K. Murphy

January 2017 Bleaching Winner
January 2017 - Nicholas Rehberg

October 2016 Bleaching Winner
October 2016 - Sylvia Carole Mullis

August 2016 Bleaching Winner
August 2016 - Waylan Carter

May 2016 Bleaching Winner
May 2016 - Sandy Haut

May 2016 Bleaching Winner
April 2016 - Barbara Johnson

January 2016 Bleaching Winner
January 2016 - Conrad Davidson

Dec 2015 teeth whitening winner
December 2015 - Letta Cox

Oct 2015 teeth whitening winner
October 2015 - Krissy Hale

Sept 2015 teeth whitening winner
September 2015 - Robert Tanner

August teeth whitening winner
August 2015 - Jennifer Cone

July teeth whitening winner
July 2015 - Brian Jackson

June teeth whitening winner
June 2015 - Greg Baker

May teeth whitening winner
May 2015 - Tammy Cook

April teeth whitening winner
April 2015 - Stephanie Horne

March teeth whitening winner
March 2015 - Allison Smith

February teeth whitening winner
February 2015 - Peggy Davis

September teeth whitening winner
September 2014 - Pearl Kearson

July teeth whitening winner
July 2014 - Martha Brantley

March teeth whitening winner
March 2014 - Tim Register

February teeth whitening winner
February 2014 - Mandy Williams

January teeth whitening winner
January 2014 - Donald Scott

December teeth whitening winner
December 2013 - Jennifer Boyett

November teeth whitening winner
November 2013 - Jean Dykes

October teeth whitening winner
October 2013 - Dorsey Tillman

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