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Thomas and Lucas Family Dentistry 1600 Alice Street
Waycross, Georgia


dental technologyTechnology

Staying current with the latest technology and techniques in dentistry is one of our core values.
We use these systems in our practice to help make your visits more comfortable and convenient:

Digital Radiography. Though dental radiation exposure is very minimal, digital xray systems require even less radiation than traditional film. Images are available for reviewing and sharing with our patients within seconds.

Computerized Charting and record-keeping systems allow us to retrieve your digital dental record quickly to compare historical information and monitor your oral health for any changes over time.

The Wand®. By slowly and consistently regulating the flow of the anesthetic, The Wand® helps eliminate the discomfort many people feel from traditional dental "shots".

Intraoral Cameras. Small intraoral cameras about the size of a toothbrush allow us to capture magnified pictures of your teeth and display them on a computer screen. This visual aid makes it easier for you and your dentist to talk about any areas of concern.

What we enjoy most about the added efficiencies of dental technology is that it allows us to spend more time focusing on our relationships with our valued patients. Contact Us if we may be of assistance to you and your family.

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